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Local Buyer's Guide

Coming soon!

Where to find local food in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota

Farm-to-Table's Local Buyer's guide is a new project, designed to help individual consumers in our target area find nearby farms and other sources of locally produced food. We've gotten things started with a listing of Farmer's Markets, and are currently soliciting listings from growers and producers (download the application here). Eventually we hope to add stores and restaurants that carry local products and buy from local sources.

Farmer's Markets and More

When summer rolls around, look for delicious fresh produce and other local edibles at these Farmer's Markets and producers:

Farm To Table
Bruce Smith, 939-5464
Asparagus, Kohlrabi, seed potatoes, dill.

Glendive Farmers' & Flea Market
Location: 313 S. Merrill Ave. Glendive, MT
Season: June 7-October 12
Hours: Saturday 9am-noon
For more information contact:
Jan Kruger (406-939-1482)
County: Dawson
SNAP and WIC accepted

Glendive Farmer's Market
Location: Jaycee West Park, Glendive, MT
Season: July-October
Hours: Fridays 10-11am
For more information contact:
Maxie Hartman-Young 406-486-5737
County: Dawson

Glendive Prison Garden
Vegetables in season: tomatoes, pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers, onions, peppers.

Glasgow Farmers' Market
Location: 109 Red Rock Plaza
Season: July-October
Hours: Saturdays 9am to 2pm
For more information contact:
Tammi Dahl 406-785-4801
County: Valley

Alvin Hoff
High hoop tunnel and garden vegetables.

Hysham Farmers' Market
Location: 300 Block of Elliot Ave.
Season: June-September
Hours: Saturday 9am-1pm
For more information contact:
Shelli Thrower 406-438-0027
County: Treasure

Little Horn State Bank Farmers' Market
Location: 835 North Center Ave., Hardin MT
Season: August-September
Hours: Friday 7:30am-11:30am
For more information contact:
Shirley Margheim 406-665-2332
County: Big Horn

Mahlstedt Ranch, Inc.
Road 422
Circle, MT 59215
Mahlstedt Ranch
Tender, flavorful, healthful beef. Born raised and fed on our family operation. Processed to your specifications in Eastern Montana. No growth implants. Records kept from birth. Most feeds raised on ranch. Ground Burger available by the package. Holiday seasoned, tumbled roasts.
Our beef is available by phone order, at M3 Meats in Sidney, and Ryan's Grocery & Processing in Jordan. We are willing to provide to local restaurants and grocers.

Melstone Farmers' Market
Location: Community Garden—Main St.
Season: June-October
Hours: 2nd & 4th Monday, 5:30am-8pm
For more information contact:
Tammy Brewer 406-947-2088
County: Musselshell

Miles City Farmers' Market
Location: Riverside Park, Miles City, MT
Season: 3rd Sat of May through Oct.
Hours: Saturdays; 8am to Noon, & Tuesdays 6-8pm (mid July-Sept)
For more information contact:
Alice Nile 406-234-5274
Miles City Farmers Market
County: Custer

Montaylor Farms
Premium steaks, ground beef, hamburger patties, all beef hotdogs, local beef processed in USDA facility. By the Pound or by the half or whole carcass.

Nashua Lion Farmers' Market
Location: Lions Park by Civic Center
Season: July-September
Hours: Monday 5-6:30
For more information contact:
Roger Wagner 406-746-3351
County: Valley

Prices Produce
Location: Savage, MT
Seasonal fresh garden produce May-October. Canned goods: pickles, jams & jellies, (year round) spices, dried vegetables. Fall ornamental gourds, broomtails. squash, pumpkins.
Glendive Farmer's markets June-October

Sidney Farmers' Market
Location: Richland Federal Credit Union parking lot, Sidney, MT
Season: August-Sept.
Hours: Saturdays 7:45am-noon
For more information contact:
Kevin Mayer 406-482-2704
County: Richland

Lowell & Lynn Stevenson
Baked goods, pies, garden produce, jellies, paintings, notecards special orders.

Tennant's Garden
Fresh garden produce in season. Fry bread, cinnamon rolls, eggs, baked goods.
At Glendive Saturday Farmers Market
Glendive Food Development Center

Western Cooperative Credit Union Farmers Market
Location: 1300 Bison Drive, Williston, ND
Season: July-Sept.
Hours: Mondays 7:00am-11:00am
For more information contact:
Judy Billehus 701-572-4000
County: Williams

Western Trails Food
313 W Valentine
Glendive MT 59330
Flapjack mixes, soup mixes, BBQ sauce, Hulless Barley products and Flax seed.
You can find our products in the following stores: Reynolds Markets in Glendive, Baker and Sidney; Westgate Cenex in Glendive; Prairie Unique in Terry; Great Grains in Miles City; and additional locations throughout Montana. Call, email, or see our website for more purchasing options.

Wolf Point Farmer's Market
Location: 6th Ave & Highway 2 East
Season: mid June to mid September
Hours: Saturdays 8am-noon.
For more information contact:
Annie Marie Walters 406-525-3320
County: Roosevelt

Suzanne Wollman
Local produce, jellies, baked goods, pies, crafts.

Find more local food resources on our links page.

Find more Farmers' Markets on the USDA's Farmers Market Search page.

Know of a Farmer's Market in our area not listed here? Please let us know!

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